4CP Product Collection

1000 buisness cards

1000 Full Color Business Cards

Your cards will be coated with a protective Celloglaze! A glossy laminate finish, unsmudgeable, prevents fading & lifts colours aswell as a card dispenser perfect for your buisness

1000 units @ $132

Consultants say that the backs of cards are not used to their full potential, 4CP offer to print on the back of your card in black eg. appointment reminders, inspirational quote or info list

Nailfile Keyring


Printed any 1 available Print Colour on
white magnet on 50mm square or less,
Slightly larger sizes are available as long as one side is 50mm.

Freight is $15+gst.

Wetsuit Stubbie Cooler

An all-time classic promotional item, keeping stubbies cold and keeping your image in the public eye.

• glued and double cross stitched for extra strength and durability
• base has a pin hole so an air pocket doesn’t pop out the bottom
• a centimeter taller than most other brands, suit long necks better
• available in all strong colours, also several fluorescents for extra visual excitment • almost any colour ink can be printed (white looks fantastic on dark colours)

PRINT AREA (as flat rectangle) Width: 180mm Hight: 90mm We suggest two sides each 75 mm wide and 90mm tall


Purple Kandy Pen with Silver Print

Long time favourite gift to ladies.
Great reliable pen - large print area.

250 units @ 77¢ each (special offer)

500 units @ 77¢ each


GELATO Slimline Compact
Gelato Compacts

Frosty Snow (Transparent), Fuschia, Blueberry, Black & White

I have 100 Lemon on special @ 88¢ each
until stock runs out

100 units @ $ 1.98 each

250 units @ $ 1.54 each — 500 units @ 1.10¢ each


Pop Up Hair Brush & Mirror

I can print 1 colour print onto the top, either silver or white

100 units @ $1.98 each

250 units @ $1.54 each


Colourful Pop Up Hair Brush & Mirror

Suggest black print as the brushes came as a job lot.
The colours of red, blue & yellow 'alternate'.

Cheap Brush

100 units @ $1.10 each

250 units @ 88¢ each

Loofah Pad


Natural Fibre 12cm X 8cm. Bound Edges
Towelling backed with elastic hand strap.
I can print a simple black image on the elastic strip.

250 units @ $ 1.76 each
500 units @ $ 1.54 each

Emery Boards in Match Book

Handy set of 12 mini emery boards
for that broken nail emergency!

250 units @ $1.43 each

Soap Sheet Dispenser 

10 sheets of fragrant soap in a handy plastic pack.
Clean hands anywhere!
Washing instructions included

250 units @ $ 1.76 each

White folding Hair Brush

Compact plastic hairbrush ideal for the handbag or travel

50 units @ $1.98 each

100 units @ $1.54 each


Flavoursome Lip Balm

Blue (Blueberry)
Red (Strawberry)
Green (Grape)
Orange (Orange)
Frosted White (Vanilla)
Charcoal (Vanilla)
Purple (Bubble Gum)

250 units @ $ 1.98 each

Brush Set in cute aluminium case, with mirror.

Comes in a white presentation box. Prints up well with a 1 colour print

250 units @ $1.98 each

Metal Keyring with Matt Black Print area

Metal Keyring

Prints well with a gold or silver ink

100 units @ $ 2.53 each

250 units @ $ 1.87 each

White Slippers in Non-Woven Material


Finally found a simple slipper that you can put on the ladies feet as they walk your salon.
If you so choose let them take them home. Universal size - One size fits all.
I do a full colour heat ransfer and i've found an oval shape works best.

250 units @ $ 2.20 set — 500 units @ $ 1.98 set


5 pieces including Nail Clippers, Scissors, Tweezers, Nail File and Cuticle file.
Black or dark print colour recommended.

250 units @ $ 4.40 each


Includes 6 different cotton threads, 2 buttons, 3 safety pins, 1 needle,
1 threader and 2 press studs.

250 units @ $ 1.32 each


Contains 10 pre-threaded needles attached to 10 different colour threads.
Safety pin & buttons included.
Clear top plastic case with white base.

250 units @ $ 1.21 each


White Microfibre lens cloth in clear PVC pouch. Microfibre: 80% Polyester, 20% Nylon.
Excellent oil and perspiration
absorption. Suitable for sunglasses, eyeglasses, pda's, camera lens and monitors.

250 units @ $ 1.98 each


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Mob: 0414 483 678
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